I never got the chance to meet him. I have no idea if he would have liked this page or thought it was a colossal waste of time. But in any case... Thank you, Jeff. Without you, this wouldn't exist.

“It’s what you DO that people want to identify you by.” – Jeff Barnard, 1948-2010


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  1. I never knew Jeff Barnard.

    I have no idea, if he ever saw my blog, whether the “heh” he would no doubt have let loose would have been one of amusement or disgust or a combination of both.

    But I do know that this Bizarro empire is built on his back.

    Anyone running a blog of any kind in Worcester owes Jeff Barnard, who had the balls to post his thoughts on the internet on the Wormtown Taxi blog long before I ever even considered the idea of Bizarro Lukes. His blog was like an egg sandwich from Coney Island Hot Dogs: dense, unctuous, no-nonsense. Worcester never saw anything like it.

    In a city overflowing with so many outspoken voices, Mr. Barnard’s was among the first to reach the internet. Even today, there seem to be a lot of things to say about Worcester, but few people have had enough time and energy to place those statements outside of a comment section. Even an anonymous blog like this one requires you to own your words, albeit by proxy. When they’re arranged by date, statements are a lot harder to fire and forget than they would be when plopped onto the bottom of a Worcester Mag article.

    Having said that, is it still worth it to post your opinion on the internet about life in Worcester? Hell yes. Start a blog. Or go to Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine. There’s plenty of room for you. I doubly recommend it if you don’t like what you’re seeing from Worcester on the internet. There’s plenty to talk about and whether you’re in it to make money or just to say whatever’s on your mind, there is an audience for you. And if you need the proof, look no further than this blog.

    You built the trail I wandered off. For that I am forever grateful.


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